Design and synthesis of heteronuclear metalloenzymes involved in multi-electron and multi-proton processes

Many enzymes which catalyze reactions essential to sustainable energy, human health, and the environment also contain heteronuclear metal centers and involve multi-electron and multi-proton processes. These processes include respiration, biomass conversion, use of biofuels, and the global nitrogen/carbon/sulfur cycles. Despite their importance, most of these enzymes are not well understood in comparison with mono- or homonuclear metalloenzymes, in part due to the complexity inherent in the presence of different metal ions in close proximity.

To address this issue, we have developed a biosynthetic approach to synthesize structural and functional mimics of cytochrome c oxidase, nitric oxide reductase, sulfite reductase and manganese peroxidase. By tuning the secondary sphere interactions, we have made protein models with activity comparable to that of native enzymes. Using these small and robust protein models, we have obtained deeper insight into structural features responsible for high activity.

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